We're building the next generation of leaders...

and we need your help.

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and we need your help.

Support the next generation of leaders

For over 56 years, the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps has offered unmatched opportunities that shape the lives of some of America's finest young people.

Some join the Sea Cadet program to fulfill a dream - to learn to fly or to serve one's country. For others, it offers educational training in STEM or computer programming that helps them succeed in a particular area. For all, it is an experience that builds life skills, leadership attributes, and moral character.

In 2018, we feel our mission is more important than ever before. Anyone who joins the Sea Cadets this year is part of a generation that has never been without the internet. The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps offers today's youth much more than the online world. We are providing meaningful experiences that will help them develop skills for future careers as well as creating programs that lay the foundations for ethical decision-making and leadership. We are helping to build leaders who will go out and change the world with the confidence to lead face-to face, person-to-person.

Our cadets are indeed going places where they can change the world. From the 2017 graduating class, 34% of the cadets intended to enlist in the military, while 52.6% went on to attend a two- or four-year college (including 23.3% attending a service academy or participating in a ROTC program). Cadets are becoming the Navy's future leaders, as reflected by the fact that every year, between 9-12% of the entering class at the U.S. Naval Academy are former cadets.

Support the Sea Cadets today. Your donation will make it possible for us to reach more young people and to expand our ability to provide unparalleled value for parents looking for meaningful life-changing opportunities for their children.

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